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Sample Clinical Photos for Reference

(Images captured with professional microscope - not with iPhone or OtoscopeApp.com APP or OTOSCOPE ADAPTER)


Thank you for your interest in OtoscopeApp.com! The App is available for FREE download at the iTunes App Store. The OtoscopeApp.com system can be used to safely examine the ears**, nose and throat of both children and adults at home with little or no prior otoscopy experience. It is also a handy tool for physicians on the move. Note: physicians should not keep personal health information (PHI) on a personal mobile device.

**For examination of the ears, the App is designed to work best with the OtoscopeApp.com OTOSCOPE ADAPTER, which can be purchased at OtoscopeApp.com. The ear canal, ear drum, any ear wax and ear tubes placed in surgery can all be easily seen.  Directions:  Prior to use, remove your smartphone from any case you might be using.  Slide the OtoscopeApp.com OTOSCOPE ADAPTER on to the phone so that the main camera and flash are facing the extended, optical tube portion of the device.  Snap one of the ear speculums onto the end of the optical tube and open the OtoscopeApp.com application on your mobile device.  It is best to choose the largest ear speculum that will comfortably fit into the ear canal. The App will default to ideal lighting and zoom settings, though these can be adjusted if you wish.   You can restart the App or hit the ‘RESET’ button at the bottom of the screen at any time to restore the default settings. Insert the ear speculum gently into the external auditory canal of the ear while watching the screen on your smartphone.  You will begin to see structures inside the ear come into view.  It may help to use two hands – one holding the phone to examine the ear and the other to gently pull the external ear upward and back.  This will straighten out the EAC some for a better view.   The phone should auto focus, though it may help to lock the auto-focus by hitting the ‘AF/Lock’ button once the camera has focused adequately inside of the ear.  Video capability is available as an In-App purchase. 
​If there is no evidence of external ear disease, the ear specula can be reused.  Cleaning between each use is recommended using soap and warm water.  You can also order new ear specula at our website.  The ear speculum should not be inserted more than ½ inch into the ear canal.  Discontinue use immediately if any pain or discomfort is experienced.  Do not use in patients with active ear drainage, bleeding or extremely small ear canals. 

** DISCLAIMER ** : The OtoscopeApp.com App, or website, do not provide medical advice - always seek attention from a licensed physician for any medical conditions, questions or concerns.  The OtoscopeApp should not be considered a replacement for examination and consultation with a trained physician.
Thank you for choosing OtoscopeApp.com  -  please email us with any questions or feedback at: