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~ Mimics® Innovation Award 2014, Materialise, Belgium

   "Design of a 3D Model for Temporal Bone Surgical Simulation"

~ Winner of Mimics® Innovation Award 2014 ~ 
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I have signed up with a physician who is into telemedicine and this app is just what the doctor ordered...

​     - LH, August 2014

I love your amazing app - it works beautifully!

     - LR, March 2015​​

- Innovative products for consumer healthcare, medical education and pre-operative surgical simulation -



The 3D Temporal Bone is now available in Adult and Pediatric models for surgical training and pre-operative simulation.  Click below for more information and links to obtain a quote.



OtoscopeApp.com is our first in a series of patient-focused Apps we are developing for YOU! … so you can be more involved in your own family's  health care :)  Also, great for Telemedicine and Medical Mission Trips!

Now available for free download at the iTunes App Store.  Click below for more information.


Now Available for

iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S and iPhone SE!